Winter Blahs, a possible snow day and where are my garden catalogs!

This part of  winter always brings about the blahs. The days are getting longer and we have an occasional teaser day like last Sunday, warm, balmy and almost but not quite springlike. But the blahs come anyway. Everything is brown and dry here in the Ozarks. The remaining leaves on the oaks rustle in the wind and won’t fall to the ground until spring arrives and they leaf out. Leaf raking is almost a year-long task here.

Every photo in the catalog is a work of art.

So I have high aspirations every morning then realize the days are still too cold and too short to really do anything constructive outdoors. That is when I would normally resort to perusing the new seed catalogs, my favorite being from Baker Creek. By far the most beautifully illustrated seed catalog, and chock full of heirlooms, one salivates just browsing through it. But it has not arrived yet! And I am left to browse through last years, which I practically know by heart!

It’s this time of day that is the most difficult for me in January. I have probably slept in, created a much too large plan for the day, overextended on things not even on the task list, and now feel overwhelmed, cranky and in need of a cup of tea and a nap. The task list is not complete; in fact it has probably been pumped up from miscellaneous things I added to it as an afterthought and has a lot of items crossed off but the real tasks left unfinished. I believe there is a word for this; it is procrastination.

The wood pile is slowly shrinking, the unfortunate narcissus have poked their greedy heads through the soil in spite of the fact they will receive a couple more hard freezes and the flower beds desperately need to be cleaned out. It’s much too early to think about these tasks even though I long to get my hands in the soil, clean the flower beds and plant some peas.

Last falls experiment with Brassicas was well worth the effort. I ate quite a bit of broccoli from the garden. Not as much as I had hoped but enough. The cabbage, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts are hanging in there, growing and undetered by the cold temps, sometimes as low as single digits. That fact has warmed the cockles of my heart with bigger and better plans for next falls garden.

It’s barely four weeks away till time to plant peas and onions. I’ve been ogling the Clydes garden planner often. According to average last frost dates for this gardening zone it is March 15 or thereabouts. According to experience it is usually mid to late February. We’re talking hard frost by the way. A light frost is quite different to handle, a little straw on those early plants will keep them safe. Peas, snow and pod, will tolerate a lot of frost. I usually sprout them indoors (getting a good 1-2 week head start) and plant them around Valentines Day, even if it’s snowing.

I am torn between planning on getting out and about tomorrow in spite of the impending snow or making snow day plans. Watching the weather closely tonight.

Another day spent. Many good things came about but the light is fading and as I procrastinate I know I will be hauling wood in the dark and scurrying around to finish as much of todays list as possible and wondering if I should try to set my sights a little less adventurous tomorrow. Tomorrow will tell.

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One Response to Winter Blahs, a possible snow day and where are my garden catalogs!

  1. will says:

    you might want to call them or go to the website and order one, since i got mine several weeks ago

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