Diary of a Snow Day

One Ozark woman stranded at home, alone and with the furnace on the blink.

I am so very happy to have things at home break … while I am at home.

5:55 am. Theoretically the alarm will go off at 6 and I will get up. Instead I lay awake until the twittering of birds (my alarm) lulls me back to sleep. I make a silent promise to myself I WILL get up at 7.

7:15 am; Woken from a near dead sleep by the sound of the fan motor on my wood fired furnace making funny noises. It made funny noises about a month ago and Bro dismantled and oiled it. Good to go another entire heating season. So he said. Springing into action from near dead sleep, I ran into the next room and pulled the plug to said furnace. Inspecting the contents I see it is nearly out anyway, so I add a few small logs and adjust the air intake to account for loss of fan. This furnace isn’t designed to operate without electricity. I know… a poor choice in this hostile Ozark winter environment. Many years ago I learned how to make it work manually. Less than perfect but it will keep me from freezing. It really is a great furnace.

7:25; Closing everything but the main room downstairs where the furnace is. Space heater on upstairs. Rugs under all doors, inside and out.

7:45 am; Coffee drinking time and checking weatherunderground, my weather station of choice. Know I will venture out in my 4 wheel drive truck for the hours of work I have scheduled today but wishing for Dan to call it a snow day.

7:55am; Dan calls, snow day, a general consensus. YIPEE! sorta.

8:01 am; email, Facebook, my blog, more weather, Barnes and Noble (an attempt to repair a botched book order, the Paypal account had an expired credit card and I had to make a new password, new security questions and have an automated phone confirmation … sheesh). Cold coffee downstairs.

9:15ish am; Call from Mar, I have no clue what we talked about. Oh yea.. now I remember, what we each had planned for the snow day, etc.

9:55am; Breakfast of fried egg sandwich on Neighbors Mill woodstock bread. Yum!

10:15 am; Long hot shower and a pedicure

11:05 am; stepped outside on the back porch with ruler in hand to measure snow depth, naked. Lets talk invigorating! And maybe lets talk why. Why not. It’s great to do something novel once in a while. Three inches by the way.

Noon; Been outside (dressed warmly of course) for 20 minutes or so and can hear the noon whistle blowing down in the valley. The falling snow is cold and crisp on my face. I have found several places where it is 4+ inches deep; on top of a low concrete wall and on top of a wooded fence post and in the middle of the flat area away from trees.

12:35; Hauled in a couple arm loads of wet wood, fed the dogs, took out the compost, took a walk under the gracefully swaying pines, observed a deceased armadillo right under my clothesline, tits up and covered in snow, its’ tiny little feet sticking into the freezing air, heaved a sigh and cursed my dogs.

12:55 pm; Perusing the freezer for delicacies from the Ozarks … chicken, ham, chili beans, spanish rice, holiday stuffing, 9 kinds of bread, a slab of pumpkin pie, bacon, sausage, x-mas candy, mac n cheese, pesto, stew, oj, couscous, garbanzos, pad Thai mix, all manner of vegetables and fruits, brownie mix, falafel and humus mix, lots of ingredients to make something with. I opt for chicken salad and remove a package of cooked chicken, boil an egg, chop some veggies. Pulled a nice big fat bun made by Holly’s mom at Thanksgiving out to have it on. Squeezed a grapefruit and orange. Lunch.

1:45 pm; Phone call, thank you for keeping me sane. Made a long list of things to do today.

2:05 pm; Dishes and organize kitchen. How does it get like this? Cleaned fridge.

2:40 pm; Work on this blog post. There is a price to pay for sanity when one is snowed in. And you the reader will pay it. By having to see this blog post. So there.

3:11 pm; Assessing my “to do” list, crossing items off, heading back downstairs to do some of the items.

3:12 pm; Hit Save Draft button until I come back. Insert smily face here.

3:45 pm; Completed repair of a shirt belonging to a friend. I have had the shirt for about 2 months now so I’m really proud to have completed this task.

5 pm; I have NO idea what happened the last couple hours… piddling around the house, fussing with the fire, snacking, chatting. Who knows!

Ok here is the final word on this post.

The end!

I might spill the beans about the rest of the day later tonight. Maybe. By the way, my camera is not working, hence the no pics on a snow day situation. I bought a new camera a few days ago and it should have arrived today except I bet the mail didn’t run and I’m not doing the 3/4 mile to the mailbox in the snow. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy sparkler burnin’!

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