Winter, Exercising its’ January Rights

In all its’ glory, winter is really here. I’m experiencing cabin fever more than ever.  It’s eery. The little red camera is pooping out and the new one may or may not be in the mailbox today. The old camera wouldn’t turn on yesterday but seems to be okay with doing so today. I might grab a couple shots of the snow before the dogs mess up the whole yard.

I’m going to venture to my office and mailbox later. I expect the new camera. It might take me a few minutes to get the hang of the new fangled thing but expect photos later and lots of them.

You missed out on Curried Butternut Squash Soup last night. I was planning on posting the recipe but I’m not happy with it yet. Last year I made some and it was delightful. The recipe I wrote down was vague and yesterdays soup venture was off. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t the same soup. I may have gotten the wrong curry powder and too much cayenne. It was spicy. I was hoping for a more mellow full bodied flavor, and fear that if I mess with it too much I’ll ruin it. I’ll be having hot and spicy soup for lunch today.

Here are a few old photos while we’re all waiting for the new camera.


I love this photo. I took it out my upstairs door with a flash late one night with the little red camera, Kodak easy Share M853. It will now retire.

I have dozens of interesting shots of the rock paintings near Chloride Arizona. they were all taken with film in the 70's and 80's. The camera is a Kodak STAR 435. It's got a roll of 400 film in it right now I need to finish. I thought I would use the entire roll on Dauphin Island but didn't.

The goddess figure at Chloride. You can see her head behind the spider in the previous photo. This painting is about 20 feet tall if I remember correctly.

Taken in the back yard of my Grandmothers log house right after we moved to Arkansas. The lamp was hanging right there in the branch. Same film camera.

I took this photo about 20 years ago. You can see some of the damage time has done to it. It was late fall and it had been raining almost every day. The patio was littered with leaves when a freezing rain occurred. These leaves are imbedded in the ice on the patio. Kodak STAR 435, probably 400 film.

This has been cropped. I took it last winter with my Kodak Easy Share. I was delighted with several of my snow pictures that winter. See the un-cropped picture next.

The original photo, un-cropped. The little tree with its' shadow is swallowed up in all the hubbub of too much photo.

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