It’s Turning into a WOW Winter Even Here.

A friend in Phoenix posted on his Facebook page that they were expecting a Three Dog Night and they were going to have to break out the electric blanket. Wondering what constituted a Three Dog Night in Phoenix, Arizona, land of honey and citrus trees,  we finally found out it is anything below the freezing point. Well. At which point I would like to say, it took me years to cultivate the right demeanor and attitude to pull off that well. Well is another blog post.

I have had what I’m just now willing to admit is/was the flu. I felt really tired on Sunday afternoon and slept in late Monday. Got up refreshed and had a long to do list. By early afternoon I was back in the bed. Monday night was miserable. Aches and pains, headache, chills, fever, dull appetite. And anxiety! The impending storm had me worried but I had zero energy to make any preparations. I should draw water, haul in more firewood, all kinds of details to tend to. Tuesday, at the storms height, I could barely get up and feed the stove let alone make a cup of tea. I knew if the power went out I wouldn’t have the strength to take care of business and I’d have to call someone to come and get me.

I was so sick I got on Facebook and offered to pay for homemade chicken soup! I didn’t have to pay though. It came by way of a friend, Linda who lovingly made a fresh batch and delivered it to my door. Linda and Debbie brought ingredients for hot toddy with lemongrass, fresh multi grain bread, oranges, fresh farm eggs, yummy tea and the soup!

So what’s all this whining about then? I said to my employer, “Gosh I never get sick, this isn’t like me to be this sick.” Then I realized I’ve said that a few times this winter. Three times to be exact. That’s way too many. I’m also thinking I need to do something different in my healthcare arena.

So here’s the new plan;

kefir, more onions and garlic, more organic produce, organic meat only, astragalus, cayenne, more greens, and for my mental health bacon and eggs once in a while (more chicken soup)

Now I need to see if I can put a stop to geo-tagging on my new camera. Gads, the world is filled with all manner of ways for the bad guy to git’cha.

Nineteen degrees and rising, but only for another hour or so then it’ll drop back into the single digits.

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