I don’t know where to start; how about HERE.

The number of changes and new happenings in my life is staggering.

The new job at Ozark Community Kitchen and Event Center is multifaceted and interesting. I get to be creative and flex. Lots of flex. The place is ten thousand square feet and about half of it is the kitchen. One can do some serious cooking and baking in the place. And some serious running around if you aren’t well-organized. We passed our pre opening health department inspection even though there are still a few walls to wash, pots and pans to clean and organize, and light bulbs to replace (a job I suspect will be an everyday kind of task). The first customer has paid us for an event later in the summer and that was exciting finalizing those details. The Open House is in the works and will hopefully bring the possible caterers, musicians, wineries, balooneries, photographers etc. all together under one roof to make their presentations. Good food will be had by all, along with some schmoozing.

This evening I was reminded of my friend Mau for some reason. She left this world in 2007 on Christmas day. I helped care for her during some of her last days and wrote a piece about my experience. I posted it here on my blog if you care to read it. It is also posted here on a blog in memory of Mau. She was a very special woman.

Working for Marideth Sisco is a big job and quite challenging. I do everything from cleaning toilets to managing the blog and probable road manager when Blackberry Winter goes on tour in May. And I cook. Great meals. Like stir fry and low cal strawberry shortcake. Scrambled eggs with broccoli and onions is another specialty. That’s a great way to start a day. Include a V-8 and you’re on the way to the obligatory “5 a day” veggies. I try for seven and occasionally make it to 8 or 9. My tummy is really happy if I get more than the 5.

A fan of Marideth’s, Margaret, has started a fan club on Facebook. Check it out. I’m not sure where it is going yet but hey who knows where anything is going before it gets there.

There’s too much else to think about right now. Gonna say goodnight john-boy.

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