Where Does the Time Go?

I find it to be May 3rd in the year 2012 today. Many of you might be experiencing the same thing – the rapid acceleration of time. Sometimes days and weeks go by and I wonder at the quick passage.

If you know me well, you understand how much I like to be in control of things, in control of my own movements and actions. This past year has been a continuous lesson in a different kind of control. The kind of control where someone else is at the helm and I am the follower. Now that I really think about this it started much sooner than the last year. It began the year my sister and I went Greece. I took the dive of allowing myself to be in her hands for three weeks. The only input I gave was I would like to see the Parthenon and visit Lesvos, if possible. So off I went with no plan but the itinerary in my hand that she had emailed me earlier and the clothes in my suitcase.

Such was the case today, although a much shorter trip – one day. There was a time in my life I could not have committed myself to a vehicle with people I didn’t know or knew only superficially. Several less than bright experiences in such a situation (oh I felt trapped far from home with a brain filled to overflowing on how to get home and not spend the rest of my life in prison). Sorry if that is TMI. Remember that blog post where I rearranged my closet or some such thing and let you see some of my emotions after clearly stating I would never do that on this blog? Well … here we are again.

Going in to the day was tough but I like to think I’m a grownup (hahaha), at least most of the time, and I had a jolly good time.

Once I realized being in control doesn’t mean being in control life became so much more gentle. I choose to put my trust in others, know that nothing is forever, realize that others might be more leary of the situation than me, and just plain ‘ole enjoy a new experience with all its’ bumps and warts. Surprise surprise, there weren’t any bumps or warts.

I did wish I had taken my cameral; there were several points along the way I would have taken some photos.

The day trip to Springfield was fruitful. Observing Your Commercial Kitchen  and visiting once again with owner Carol Muldrow was more educational than the first time a couple months ago. Meeting a possible new friend, Cathy, and checking out her blog opened my world door a few more inches and confirmed to me that the Ozarks are filled with refreshing and interesting people. I am way too much a hermit!

So, if time is passing you by too quickly, pick a few roses and smell them. Take some pictures and have lunch with friends,

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One Response to Where Does the Time Go?

  1. eb - mom says:

    Very Nice pics Sarah…It was good to get home from Az. Nice to go, but better to come home…We got in some good visits with Pam and others.

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