Touring With the Band

This Ozark woman never started this blog to gain media attention, but here I am getting ready to go on tour with Blackberry Winter Band. They make their debut this weekend appearing in Columbia, MO at the Blue Note on Friday night May 20, then in Springfield, MO at the Randy Bacon Gallery on Saturday, May 21.

We’ll come home for a week, presumably to think about it and rework the packing and go ACK!, I really do need to pack my fill in the blank.  After that week and working out the bugs you have no way of knowing even exist, the band (and myself) will hit the road to Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle and points beyond – north, south and even further west.

The agent has graciously given the band a two-week hiatus to really think about it and see if we have all survived each other, after which we will do the east coast.

Ain’t life in the Ozarks grand.

Check out the Reverbnation site. And Marideh Sisco’s personal website. Blackberry Winter Band can be found here and is also on Facebook. Join Margaret’s Fan Club!

OR, come and see the band perform the music from the Winter’s Bone soundtrack and the new music from the new album, In These Ozark Hills, to be out soon!

See you on the road and at a performance. Follow me on Facebook.

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2 Responses to Touring With the Band

  1. eb - mom says:

    You be careful out there Sarah…Be alert to your surroundings and take care of each other…Love you… Mom..

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