May 30, On The Road With Blackberry Winter

May 30 2011; Day 2 on the road. 9:30ish  – Mountain Time Zone

We just left Colby Kansas where we spent the night at the Quality Inn on South Range Avenue.

Yesterday was a lovely day, warm – almost hot – with a light breeze. Ok sometimes it was gusting, but nothing unmanageable. Sunny and bright, Bo and Marideth spent the day identifying interesting and unusual birds along the way. Great Tailed Grackle, Great Blue Heron, Western King Bird, Northern Harrier, Upland Sand Piper, Red Tail Hawk, Western Meadowlarks, Scissor Tail Flycatcher, Swainson’s Hawk, Red Wing Blackbird and Eastern Kingbird, were among the birds identified AND we went past the biggest prairie dog in the world!

We left right on time Sunday morning from Bo’s house near Springfield and made good time – even decided to travel farther than planned to make a shorter day today. Lunch found us at a truck stop and a picnic – ham and cheese sandwiches, v-8 and milk and juice, trail mix, fruit, and veggies. We indulged in Mexican food at the motel last night and it was pretty darn good!

Our drivers, Bo and Dennis did a great job keeping us moving down the road in a timely manner and keeping us safe. Ok we did make 3 stops checking out possible Kansas flint locations and we did indeed find some. It’s incredibly sharp.

We just gained an hour as we passed through a time zone heading into Colorado –  but not there yet!

The weather report is looking interesting and the wind will be a challenge today – “they” spoke of 60 mph gusts and snow cover in Denver, Salt lake City and Boise. Surely that means Vancouver too, but maybe not. Maybe it’s too close to the coast for snow. I personally don’t know that geography.




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4 Responses to May 30, On The Road With Blackberry Winter

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  2. Ace says:

    There won’t be any snow in Vancouver or Seattle! Maybe a little in the Robkies but nothing major. Look forward to hearing you all in Seattle!

    • Moonmooring says:

      YEA! No snow and FANS! Please intro yourself to me so I can make a connection. Thanks for checking out the blog. I assume you read Marideth’s blog and Blackberry Winter.

      See you there.


  3. Margaret Underwood says:

    I love British Columbia…and Vancouver…don’t guess you will be going to Victoria? The gardens there about blew me out of my socks!

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