More Tour Photos

Marideth in the Redwood forest.

Towering Redwoods

Pacific ocean, north of San Francisco.

Approaching the Golden gate.

Fiddleing around in the parking lot after the show at Hollywood Forever with John Hawkes and friends.

The parthenon in Nashville. This one had almost the same effect on me as the real one in Athens.

A long corridor.

Athena as she was written to be.

Marideth with Margaret, of the Fan Club, in Carrborro NC at Cat's Cradle.

Tedi May at Cat's Cradle, NC.

The stage at Cat's Cradle.

Rock and Roll Hotel in DC.

Jonathan Scheuer and myself at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

We spent a night in this old mill converted to a home. It was lovely.

Looking up through the fire escape.

The view from our New York lodging.

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2 Responses to More Tour Photos

  1. eb - mom says:

    This is the second time I looked at these. They are stunning….The one of Meradith in the Redwood forest was especially nice. But they are all good. Do you have more that you will be posting…

  2. dilip says:

    Hi, These pics are just awesome … thanks for sharing and wish you happy blogging 🙂

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