A Few Days in Calico Rock

I’m having a much needed rest/working week in Calico Rock. There is so much to do all the time.

Spring lettuce

The sweet potatoes I planted last week look great. This week I will clean a small square sheltered raised bed and plant mixed lettuce. There are also another 10 sweet potato slips ready. Who knew they would be so productive this time of year? I didn’t. Hopefully I can keep them warm and protected long enough to produce even a small crop. It’s my first time to grow sweet potatoes and I’m excited about it.

Snow peas, taken spring 2010.

I also have about 80 snow pea seeds soaking in warm water. As soon as they sprout, in the ground they will go. They should produce a decent crop before persistent hard frosts. I missed having fresh snow peas this spring as they are one of my favorite spring foods.

I will also plant a garlic bed before my personal cutoff date of October 31. Last years crop failed as I didn’t tend it … I did tend the band Blackberry Winter and leader Marideth Sisco. It all balances in the end. If there are broccoli plants to be had I hope to get a dozen or so of them in the ground soon also. There isn’t anything quite as good as fall broccoli!

Let’s see, sweet potatoes, snow peas, garlic, lettuce, broccoli – maybe some radishes and turnips – not bad for my first serious fall garden. I hope you wish me well!

The Moonmooring garden, a few years ago.

The illustrious tomato hornworm

I am posting photos of my Brucha collection here. I hope you enjoy them.

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