Sprouting Pea Seeds for Planting

Today I planted 80 sprouted snow pea seeds in my fall garden along a short 4X4 wire fence. I’ve never planted peas this time of year before so not sure of the possibility of a good crop. It’s only a few weeks after the “last plant date” according to Clyde’s garden planner for this zone. We can usually count on anywhere from several to lots of weeks after first frost date until the actual real first frost. If you are willing to invest some time and energy into protecting a crop from the first frost, it is often almost balmy (comparatively speaking) for many weeks afterward. And snow peas will take quite a lot of cool, cold and even a freeze or three. How well they produce I don’t know. I bet there are studies available for all kinds of conditions and zones but I do enjoy the spirit of the experiment. So Here we go!

The little tails on each sprouted pea will be the root. I usually plant them before the tails get this long but I wanted to have a good picture for you to look at. All the pea needs to do is break open the outside and it is ready to plant. This will give you a good week head start, maybe more. If the tail breaks off it won't grow. These seeds are old (I'm not telling how old, just old, really old) but most of them sprouted and I expect many more of them will do so in the warm soil August brings.

My garden is sinfully pathetic this fall. It wasn’t a garden at all this spring; not enough time or energy to take care of it. I seem to be much more energetic this fall and have high hopes of getting it back into shape and eating a few things later. Last fall’s broccoli was a delight as were the few collards that made it. Not so much luck with the cabbage and cauliflower. It was too late to put all that into the ground.

A little something to brighten this post. Taken at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles while on tour with Blackberry Winter. Ahh ... Absinthe ...

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One Response to Sprouting Pea Seeds for Planting

  1. eb - mom says:

    what did you do to sprout the pea seeds???

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