Fair Photos 2011, what to choose?

It’s fair time again! I’ve spent the last few days sorting, editing, printing, reprinting, pondering and finally choosing which photographs to enter into the fair.

What I’m posting today is what has been eliminated from the running. So sad… the didn’t quite make it group. 

This house stands in Doniphan, MO. The light was great this day.

One of my favorites! I took this at a Wal-Mmart parking lot last fall. The sky was spectacular for about an hour. I just couldn't get it to print right.

Taken at Sibley Music in Springfield.

Marideth Sisco in the Redwood forest, northern California.

Dauphin Island sunset, last winter.

New York skyline 2011. The new smart phones take pretty darn good pictures.

Part of Blackberry Winter on tour. Nashville shopping. Linda, Dennis, Tedi, Van.

Some never make it over the Continental Divide!

Taken at dusk below the Norfork Dam.

Hoover Dam

Pam standing under a row of soon to be calamari. Greece.

Look for the winning photos to be posted here next week one day. Two reds and LOTS of blues.

2010 Black and White winners.

2010 Color winners.

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One Response to Fair Photos 2011, what to choose?

  1. John Mulligan says:

    Meredith has never looked so much like a hobbit as in that picture.
    If these pics didn’t quite make it, can’t wait to see the ones that did.

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