Garden Update – crud

Well darn and crud and fiddlesticks. I went out to my little patch of earth a few days ago to find every pea plant and every sweet potato plant nibbled right to the ground. I found suspicious footprints belonging to deer. Then I cried and stomped my feet and said bad words. I was pissy for several days and this is the first I could speak of my gardens’ plight.

The peas are history and it is certainly too late to restart them. The sweet potatoes will grow back but with the cooler weather I’m not sure they can make a showing. Of course it will warm some for most of September and October. But a lot of ground has been lost.

I am sorely disappointed for sure. On to my next endeavor.

Just as a heads up, Taos is in the works. There is a photography contest around the Enchanted Circle the month of October and I intend on getting in on the action!

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8 Responses to Garden Update – crud

  1. adamweaver says:

    that really sucks about the garden, but the Taos thing sounds like a great plan

  2. eb - mom says:

    Well, what a bummer about the garden plants. I can imagine how you felt and still feel….guess you need to get a Hunting license and put some of that into your freezer…yeaaa. That will fix one of them..or what ever is legal to get…Henry said he thinks he will get a license to hunt also…We were drawn for altlered deer and we bought Spike Elk Tags over the counter. Maybe fresh meat for when your here. ???

  3. John Mulligan says:

    I hate it when that happens. The last time it happened to me the goats were the culprits. We sold most and killed some. We ate meat instead of sweet potatoes. I’d say you have a deer coming.

    And, if it’s any consolation, I just burned the chili.

  4. eb - mom says:

    The canyon (small) has deer in it off and on. We would be able to get the atv to the deer if
    we can get one there. That is where we will probabley hunt, out the front door, so to speak…
    And the Elk, we will check with the rancher to see if we can hunt near their hay stacks.
    If we go up toward the mtns, where we hunted in the past, its just a couple miles off Hwy 89
    and we will use out hunting blind. So we will not go wandering around the mtns and
    such and keep closer in for sure. We will only hunt where we can get to the thing by atv’s.
    No more high mtn stuff. We have to be real careful an no high altitude stuff either…
    We have to try for an easy one for the freezer. Love ya…mom

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