2011 Fair Photos

Priscilla, Blue ribbon

Big Rock Candy Mountain, Utah. Blue ribbon

The pier at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Blue ribbon

Taken through the windshield, leaving New York on a rainy Sunday morning. Blue ribbon.

The fishing pier at Dauphin Island. The ocean has reshaped the beach. Blue ribbon.

My favorite. Blue ribbon

Blue ribbon

Fiddling around in the parking lot of Hollywood Forever with John Hawkes and friends. This was a great catch. Blue ribbon

Blue ribbon

Just another Dauphin Island Sunset! Blue ribbon

This Luna moth was outside my front door. Blue ribbon

My son, Adrian. I love taking pictures of him taking pictures. He's an amazing photographer. Blue ribbon

Another one of those darn Ozark sunsets! This entered in the enhanced category. I squinched the color just a tad. Blue ribbon

Taken at the roadside park between Springfield and Ava. Blue ribbon

New York. I was on the roof leaning over the edge. Got several fine shots. Blue ribbon

I love this photograph of Linda, Tedi and Marideth, taken at A La Carte for the CD Party. Blue ribbon

Stillife. Taken in Sibley Music during one of the recording sessions. Tedi's bass, Jonathan's hat, good lighting... what else would you need? Blue ribbon

I don't know what flower this is or where I took the picture (although I suspect it was Dauphin Island). Flowers are hard and I need some work here. Red ribbon

The gondola on Santorinni. Not the best choice for this category of "Other manmade Objects". Red ribbon, the next photo is the one I should have chosen for this category. Or I could have cropped the heck out of it. Next time.

Taken in some large rusting city while on tour with the band. This might have been more likely to gain a blue ribbon. I used my camera phone and almost hate admitting it!

Last years county fair.

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