Monday October 3, HAHAHA! I’m on Vacation!

Yesterday was my first official day of vacation but today I felt like I was really having one. A vacation that is. I’m usually very destination oriented and that can be a good thing but this year I have decided to focus on the trip – make stops along the way – photograph anything that catches my eye – and visit friends and family.

It was an almost overwhelming desire to just stay in bed this morning. The last several days have been a hard push to get things done. But I had a lunch date scheduled with Ray Dilfield in Eureka Springs and wanted to wander the (hopefully) quiet streets and pay a visit to Brent at the Stringed Instrument Shop. Brent carries Blackberry Winter’s album, “In These Ozark Hills”. So I scraped myself out of bed and ran through the shower and grabbed a latte at the Crossover Arsagas as I left Fayetteville.

It was a stunning drive this clear fall day and Highway 23 offers long swooping curves that make driving slightly challenging. Fortunately it is well banked and a joy to navigate.

A rare long view across the hills on Hwy. 23 approaching Eureka.

Lunch was at Local Flavor and I had the Quiche with a beautiful salad and a rye cracker. My dining companion, sadly to say was only having Sprite for reasons related to health. I’ve eaten at Local Flavor before – it was good then and it was again today. We had a good visit before I went on my way to walk the streets of Eureka Springs. I made a few purchases; two pieces of chocolate for later, my favorite oriental incense and a birthday card for my mother. It occurs to me I might be in Utah for her birthday.

I stopped in the “Stringed Instrument Shop” to meet with the owner, Brent, a stooped jovial man who gave me a quick smile and kind words. He still has four copies of the original five but wanted to start playing it on his store system to see if they would sell. We agreed to the plan and exchanged more pleasantries before I left.

The drive back to Fayetteville was just as pleasant and I took a nap before my son, Adrian and his long time girlfriend Holly came home from work.

Tomorrow I plan on having coffee at Arsagas again and taking a stroll at Wilson Park then to ONF (Ozark Natural Foods), the only organic store in northern Arkansas, for lunch and some road food. Then off to Passages for a bar of lemon verbena soap. Napping will certainly be on the agenda later! I hope to have more photos for you tomorrow.

Safe travels!

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One Response to Monday October 3, HAHAHA! I’m on Vacation!

  1. eb - mom says:

    Ok, I finally checked my email…Yeaaa, your on your way west….Take care of yourself…Love you…mom

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