Wednesday, October 5; HAHAHA! Vacation

Wow, long day. 650 some miles. Heat (no AC), hellacious wind, blinding rain, cold and rain, dust, and finally a beautiful rainbow and a spectacular sunset. No snow.

I travelled past the name place of my son; Adrian, Texas. I saw the partially buried Cadillacs in the farmer’s field – now wildly painted with what appears to be graffiti. The giant cross in the middle of nowhere (and why?). And thousands and thousands of windmills, thousands. The giant ones with three blades. I understand each blade is 60 feet long. I think they are beautiful. At least more attractive than a nuclear plant.

I had to be destination oriented today as I had a goal in mind for tonight and the driving was so grueling I didn’t want to stop and spend my time taking photos in the wind or rain. I did take a few through the windshield while doing 75 with my phone, which I can’t seem to get HERE. Shrug … what can I say – I learned from the best – my mother!

In the 60’s we travelled frequently and also acquired an early super 8 I believe it was. Mom would be in her capris, cute little black flats and a boat neck shirt. Her long dark hair would be braided to hang over her right shoulder and the top and front cut short and curled around her face. Not a usual hairstyle for the day. She would top it with a very long black scarf crossed at her throat and tied in back with the long tails flapping in the wind. Dark sunglasses and she was ready to take on the road. Gum chewing and Coco-cola were de-rigore.

Myself and my brother would hop into the back seat of our new Impala. The front seat was reserved for the camera! When Mom spied something interesting she would whip it out and film as she drove down the highway. Either out the windshield or the side window. There are hours and hours of film. So I come by the drive by photography honestly!

Hopefully I’ll have some photos tomorrow. Hopefully… that is my goal after all!

Anyone try the Cream of Celery Soup recipe?


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One Response to Wednesday, October 5; HAHAHA! Vacation

  1. eb - mom says:

    That brought back memories. I didn’t get to try the soup, but we can when you are here in Utah.
    Speaking of the way I looked, back when…I have a picture somewhere that is exactly as you have described of me. I will have to see if we can locate it in the old pics.
    By the way, you didn’t mention the weather you endured today when we spoke on the phone. Take care of yourself. No more long crazy days./…Love you…mom (im going to bed..

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