Friday, October 7; the HAHAHA! Vacation

Thursday found me driving in even worse conditions than Wednesday. Dangerously high winds and maximum driving speeds of 50-60 mph. In spite of the wind I arrived a half hour early to pick up sis at the rail station in Albuquerque, her train was an hour late because of the rain in Arizona. It had to stop in Winslow – water was covering the tracks as far as they could see. The train people spent 45 minutes or so inspecting the tracks to make sure they were actually there and not compromised.

We grabbed some lunch in a strip mall somewhere north of Albuquerque then headed on. The trip took much longer than expected but the drive was beautiful.

We checked in at the B&B, got the grand tour of the grounds and living space and unloaded our “stuff”. After unwinding we took off in search of a hole in the wall place to eat and successfully found it. A tiny cafe named El Cuervo with patio seating for about 15 and indoor seating for 16. The patio was closed – rain and kinda cold.

The food smelled divine. Pam and I had discussed the fact that neither of us have ever had good Mexican food in New Mexico. I have pondered that fact and come to the conclusion it is because most of the minority population (majority really) isn’t Hispanic but Native American. Hence… less than stellar Mexican food. We were pleasantly surprised by tonight’s meal. Pam had the vegetable tacos. Two tacos stuffed with fresh mushrooms, onions, peppers etc, grilled to perfection. I had the chicken chimichanga (standard fare for me). The beans and rice were homemade and really tasty. The guacamole was some of the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Four stars for sure and a possible repeat in the works.

When Pam and I went to Greece several years ago we had such luck with a place right across the street from our hotel called “Spicy Fast Food”. We ate there several times, it was quick and marvelous.

This morning finds us sleeping in late, dining on bacon and eggs and drinking “da bomb” coffee. About time. Off to do some exploring soon.


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3 Responses to Friday, October 7; the HAHAHA! Vacation

  1. eb - mom says:

    The food sure sounds good and makes me hngry…Too bad about the bad weather. Hopefully it will be beter when you start for Kingman…Love you both…mom and Dad

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