Friday, October 8; the HAHAHA! Vacation, snow and great, or at least better, light!

Pam and I sat up late last night reading, enjoying the kiva fireplace and watching the huge wet snowflakes start to cover the ground. About midnight the electricity went out and we called it a night. The power finally came back on around 9 am with much explanation of what the problem had been. Apparently most of the town had been out through the night.

The main living area in the guest house we stayed in.

The back yard this morning. It melted fast. Tonights low should be about 25 F.

One section of the breakfast gallery. This morning we started with donuts from a local bakery that didn't loose their electricity then moved on into chili verde topped with egg of your choice and warm tortillas once the power came back on.

The colors in the yard are beautiful especially after the snowfall.

Part of the fence line around the property.

Yesterday there wasn't much snow on these mountains.

One of my favorite photos from today.

The Rio Grande Gorge in improved light today. Most of the snow had melted by the time we arrived. Sometimes my coffee hour takes 2 or 3.


Looking south (?) from the Rio Grande Gorge.

As we were leaving the gorge we were treated to a small herd of bighorn sheep, 8, as far as I could count.

A mile and a half away is the Taos Earthship.

Taos Earthship

Under construction.

An amazing amount of produce can be grown in the greenhouse walkways each Earthship has. Swiss chard.

More photos of Taos Earthship here. (You will stay on this blog)

We then drove back to town to eat at our favorite place, La Cueva!

A very small place.

Pam had chili rellenos and I had a combination plate including a relleno, a vegetable enchilada with green chili, and a vegetable taco. Amazing!

For four bucks we split this flan which was the best I have ever had. It sported a raspberry liquor drizzled with chocolate and a side of real whipped cream. All sprinkled with cinnamon.

Then we went shopping!

If we hadn't been so full of lunch we would have snacked here; on the downtown square.

This place had it all as far as Mexican imports go, and some spectacular items I might add. I think there was an acre or two packed full of everything imaginable - pottery, metal sculpture, glassware, leather, ceramics, all sorts of other housewares, textiles, drums, chilis - the list goes on.

Ristras, freshly harvested chilis, strung to dry, I bought one of these for 20 bucks. It has about 25 pounds of chili's on it. Decorative and functional for the kitchen of any serious Mexican cook. Notice the similarity of this photo and the one of Pam in Greece standing under a line of drying soon to be calamari.

Here is the link to the calamari photo.

Pam really liked this elephant and no doubt she would have bought it if we could have fit it in the truck!

Instead, she bought a peacock, with a windy wobble. It moves in the breeze. Fortunately she got one smaller than this! Here we see her whining about how much room we have to stash booty, and a bit of praying that this particular peacock finds a good home.

The end of this day found us at Cid’s market buying Kefir, limes, organic apples, great bread, awesome multicolored radishes, and a burgandy sweet potato. Mostly for tomorrows travel food but partly for later on. Some packing and reorganizing of “stuff”, and peppermint tea in front of the fire. Goodnight.


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8 Responses to Friday, October 8; the HAHAHA! Vacation, snow and great, or at least better, light!

  1. adamweaver says:

    great pictures

  2. eb - mom says:

    NO Pa, you can’t have the elephant…laffin…Love you guys..

  3. Lara Sanders says:

    I know that drugstore!!! I used to go in there for a chocolate milkshake when I was a kid back in the 70’s!!! Aaaaah!!! The memories!!!! I remember eldery Indian men wrapped in blankets on the benches on the Plaza in Taos, too!!! My dream…if I had the money, is to move back to Taos and live in one of those earthships and grow a veggie garden inside!!!

  4. Lara Sanders says:

    Yeah, I was really bummed the last time I was in Taos, because it’s changed from when I used to be there…It was different in the 70’s. The drugstore was a rexall drugstore back in the 70’s where people would go in and eat a cheeseburger, etc. There also used to be a 5 and 10 cent store on the west side of the Plaza, and a movie theatre on the south side. I’m kind of sad because of all the changes…the Plaza used to be the center of town, but last time I was there, it was empty and full of tourist shops….and where Walmart is in Taos, was where the Drive in movie theatre was! .I guess I should realize that I was priviledge to experience Taos before it became a tourist trap.

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