Yesterday; the HAHAHA! Vacation

Pam, hamming it up on the side of the road. It runs in the family. Mostly on the female side.

Up at the crack of dawn and only one and a half hours later than planned since I set my alarm incorrectly. In spite of that we left by nine, right on time. Traffic was light. Always leave town on a Sunday morning, less traffic. We flew down the mountain stopping a couple of times to take some photos and again in Sante Fe for Trader Joe’s. You see I had never been to one. Pam complained it was kind of small and didn’t really have much… sheesh. She is attached to the one in Las Vegas. In spite of that I had to drag her, kicking and screaming all the way, out of the place. Then we had a tailgate lunch of cheese and bread, great olives, V-8 and the prettiest radishes I’ve ever seen and organic cookies. Yum!

We tore through and past Albuquerque and into the deep desert. The day was crystal clear, the clouds were puffy cotton balls dotting the sky and the wind was nonexistent. We made great time. Sorta. You know those pit stops! We snacked or way through the day, took a detour in Flagstaff (wrong turn, the setting sun was intense) and headed down the hundred miles mountainside into Kingman, Arizona about 9 pm. I was one road weary puppy.

Fairy fresh slide. The impact barriers usually keep slides off the road. Usually.

The sunset was spectacular, taking its’ own sweet time completing its duty; about 2 hours. The horizon is so expansive in the open desert it lasts for what seems like ever. Brilliant red, I didn’t get a single photo, too tired to stop. I’m hopping every night will bring one equally attractive.

Another view of the swing bridge. There is a house off to the right and it looks like the bridge is regularly used.

Off to Chloride in a few hours with highschool friend, Tom Blum, to capture some yard art and the amazing and refurbished Rock Paintings.

And… to my amazement I didn’t get a single good photo with the real camera, only those from the phone which are posted on Facebook.


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2 Responses to Yesterday; the HAHAHA! Vacation

  1. eb - mom says:

    Thats a great pic of Pam on the side of the road…One way to wake up…Dad wants to know where the swinging bridge was…AND….Did you get tme some mild chile?????????
    If not I will cry….well, something. Talked to Adrian and Holly, they called G Ken to ask about dutch oven cakes. We also emailed some tips and stuff and a couple receipes. Are you going to Phx or coming up here next?? love you…mom

  2. Lara Sanders says:

    Trader Joe’s!!!! I went to my first one in Portland Oregon last year. I wish there was one here in Arkansas!!

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