Chloride Rock Paintings, all part of the HAHAHA! Vacation

Tom Blum, today's navigator.

I took a lot of really fine photos today, and would like to post many of them. It’s late and I doubt that happens. My escort today, a long time friend from high school, Tom Blum, was most gracious driving me around and stopping every time I asked.

An overview of the area. To get an idea how large the paintings are, notice Tom standing in front.

We went in to Chloride the back way, down Old Boulder Dam Highway. Now dirt but a decent drive.

The sign say one point three miles. I thought it said 13 miles and Tom let me think that. The kidder. If it had been 13 miles it would have taken all day on as rough a road as it was!

Looking back toward Chloride. Far from there yet though!

There are several turns but it is clearly marked.

Recently refurbished, fresh paint was added to the original which had faded away since being originally painted in 1969.

There are several angles to look at the paintings each allowing different aspects to be viewed.




I was there!

After Chloride we headed back to Kingman and got some good sunsets and such. Can you tell I’m pressed for time tonight? I have about 2 dozen additional photos I want to post that I took today and will do so asap.

Near Kingman


Arizona sunset.



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2 Responses to Chloride Rock Paintings, all part of the HAHAHA! Vacation

  1. adamweaver says:

    That’s a really good picture of you.

  2. eb - mom says:

    Very Nice Sarah…

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