Ocober 11, the HAHAHA! Vacation


There was almost nothing in Nothing today. Nothing is where George Brucha first started selling his paintings. There was a couple gas pumps, some wild animals in cages (a rabbit and a snake if I remember) and a tiny hot building with some of Georges painting for sale. He graduated to television magazine shows and art shows in places like Kingman and Phoenix and even New York City.

Then I drove on to Wickenburg and had lunch with high school friends David and Diane. I can recommend the Country Kitchen.

The road to Phoenix is much improved since I last drove it and the saguaro cactus looked good.











It was a long hot day. Much rest tonight.

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2 Responses to Ocober 11, the HAHAHA! Vacation

  1. kim carter says:

    im interested in finding the value of my 2 brucha paintings 🙂

    • S says:

      Kim, I’m really sorry I didn’t see this comment! I am not sure to find out how to value and price George’s paintings. I seldom see any for sale anywhere. Thank you for visiting my blog! Would you share a photo of your painting?

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