Tomato Picking and other adventures

We had cloud cover all day on Sunday making for different photo possibilities.

Fearing a hard frost Monday night Mom piked almost all the small red tomatoes on her 4 still producing plants. All told there were about 6 pounds. Gardening in Utah is tricky at best but with the protected spot she has her season is extended by several weeks depending on the depth of the first hard frost.

One of the interesting rock formations Dad and I saw Monday on our excursion.

An un-named creek flowing through the hills.

The Aspen forest was especially beautiful.


To see more of the Aspen photos I took on Monday click here.

A long view from 9000 feet.

Wishing I knew more about botany. These evergreens at high altitude were spectacular.

Nearing the end of my photography for the day...


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2 Responses to Tomato Picking and other adventures

  1. Birch Land says:

    These are very nice, Sarah!

  2. adamweaver says:

    cool rock formation you found

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