Humidity, or lack of

These single digits of humidity are getting to me. Every day we start off with humidity in the 30’s or so. Then as the day progresses it drops. Like a rock. I peek at the weather station every hour or so as I pass by and see the numbers dwindle. The norm seems to be for the humidity to bottom out at 3 or 4 percent in midafternoon.

In the Ozarks it’s just the opposite, usually. 60 to 70 percent is comfortable in most temperatures. When the humidity hits the 80’s it gets uncomfortable and anything close to 90% and higher is just swampy. At 90% the air has texture, substance, and sometimes a light mist will be involved. Not quite heavy enough to be rain but heavy humidity. It’s so thick you can spoon it up into a mason jar. Bingo! Now I know what to send Mom and Dad next year for Christmas… Ozark humidity.

I know my Ozark friends are enjoying the relative dryness of fall with humidity in the 40’s and 50’s. I think of you when it’s 4% here.

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