Family Time


Lots of family time this past week. Mom canned pears and peppers and the last of the tomatoes. I made cream of celery soup and one of Dad’s favorites, baked custard. More sightseeing, shopping and photos. My sister arrived with her middle daughter and a granddaughter. Tonight we will celebrate Mom’s 73rd birthday with cake and many friends.

Mom and Dad working on the pears.

This custard was made from farm fresh organic eggs and fresh raw whole milk, hence the richer look to it.

Custard recipe

We went to Redmond Minerals to buy milk. Inside the immaculate office is a very small store front carrying some of their other products; raw milk, cheeses, eggs, fresh sandwiches, organic oils, mineral rich clay and the famous Real Salt. It was an impressive operation.

Where Real Salt comes from. Where Real Salt is originally SOLD!

Dad was happily surprised to come home and find fruitcakes fresh out of the oven.

Mom's spider plant. It is two stories and three tiers big.

Mom's flowers are still going strong. She has a real green thumb in this desert and grows amazing things.

Mom and Dad’s photo blog.

Driving SE from Marysvale we spotted more raw and beautiful geology.

More photos of the terrain.

Mud flats at Mud Lake.

Piute County is the smallest county in Utah.

The few things I didn’t get to photograph while here are; snow on Bryce Canyon, the Sevier River (which runs all along here but just didn’t get to it!), and the Great Salt Lake. I decided Salt lake is a destination all its’ own and will save it for another time.

Bryce Canyon, 2008 and one more page of Bryce!

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