Yellow House Arts Show and Craft Fair

A day late and a dollar short, at least I made it in time to photograph the vendors and make a few purchases.

I have vowed to get a pair of Mary’s home grown wool socks several years now and finally did it today. They are lovely and I can’t wait for it to get cold enough to wear them.

Susan Minyard

I also bought a beautiful coffee cup from Susan Minyard at Sweetwater Pottery. I always admire her work but own only one other piece – an udu given to me as a gift many years ago. Now I have this awesome coffee cup to remind me of the snake dream I had last night. It is theorized that dreaming of snakes means changes are coming, or of wisdom. The many hatchlings signify new ideas. So I am told.

                                        Sweetwater Pottery

Sweetwater Pottery and her signature tree motif

My final purchase was from long time friend Pat Hight of Red Hot Pots; two small black bowls to add to my collection of Red Hot Pots.

handmade stoneware and raku

Michael McClure, local artist, graphic design, websites

Michael McClure

Walking sticks and staffs by Rex Buckley of Myrtle, MO


Janet, clothier

A rack of Janets custom clothing, fun stuff!

Stunning seed bead work

Sunflower and her colorful art.

Wildy’s World

Mary at the spinning wheel

Mary’s Little Lamb –

This wool will be turned into hats, gloves and socks

Shop local this year. This is but a sampling

of what is available in the West Plains area for lovely Christmas gifts.


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One Response to Yellow House Arts Show and Craft Fair

  1. eb - mom says:

    Very interesting…Seeing the spinning wheel reminded me of the spining wheel that was in the log home we bought in Ark in 1950. I recall trying to spin some wool….But I don’t recall what ever happened to it…..Love you…mom

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