Forsythia in November; What Zone Are We In?

The forsythia is budding and blooming in zone 6a. I took this photo on Tuesday morning, November 22, 2011. The dogwoods are in full bud also. Further south in zone 6b I haven’t seen anything budding out yet nor are the bulbs coming up. I believe the bulbs need to experience a deeper cold spell than we’ve had. Well any cold spell would probably work since we haven’t had one yet. All the rain and balmy fall weather has a lot of plants confused. If the cold snap we are expecting materializes all these blooms will be gone. As it should be.

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4 Responses to Forsythia in November; What Zone Are We In?

  1. adamweaver says:

    Wow, that’s wild. Where is zone 6a/6b?

  2. eb - mom says:

    Very nice…mom

  3. Ben says:

    Hi! I found your blog accidentally while seeing if other people were writing about this. I just came back from Thanksgiving in Massachusetts (I live in VT), and was shocked to see that in my mother’s yard her forsythias were in bloom! She was a little concerned, but not nearly as much as I was. That’s also a zone 6 I suppose, but even further north. Here in VT I’ve heard that box elder trees have begun to leaf out in spots (we’re probably a zone 5), and heard from others that even lilacs are blooming in MA. What is going on?! I’m a forest ecology grad student, and this doesn’t sit well with me.

  4. luigi says:

    crazy, but i had a dream about a month ago that the world was not right and i was showing my wife the blooming forsythias in the dream. And today the 30th of november some of the forsythias are blooming here on long island. Whoa

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