Attempts at Night Time Snow Photos

It was a beautiful first snow and first Ice Event on Tuesday. I went outside late Tuesday night and saw several interesting aspects to photograph. The moonlight was strong and there were great shadows in the snow. Those shadows are always there but invisible. With the pure white background one could see them. I didn’t get what I was after.

Wish I could tell you about the settings so someon could give me input but it was dark, I was freezing and I was illprepared.

I've been meaning to post this; here it is. Taken in the Ozarks of course and earlier this year.

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4 Responses to Attempts at Night Time Snow Photos

  1. will says:

    Those are cool pictures, but the funniest thing is that you have that snow feature, and it snows on your pictures.

  2. Eunice 'eb' says:

    The last one reminds me of the photo you took from my vehicle while going to Richfield, of the weird clouds…I sure liked that one.

  3. Eunice 'eb' says:

    try different exposures for each shot you want. Longer exposure will give you more light if I recall all that stuff correctly..use the tripod for sure tho….I kow yo know that, but had to say it anyway…love you…mom

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