ACK! It’s Almost Christmas!

I’ve really been procrastinating this year. I have a lot of great ideas for the holidays and have done a little preparation but not nearly enough. Yesterday and today have found me finishing the sewing on an item for my sister, washing and drying it (slowly) without adding shrinkage to the equation, baking cookies (thankfully I thought ahead to make dough and freeze it), figuring out the correct spellings for my little tiny great-nieces (my sister’s grandchildren), and assembling and wrapping everything, picked up the photos from Walgreens and new adhesive (which made me nauseaus but worked great), assembling the greeting cards and getting them dry before they all stuck together. Boxes or soft pack! Both. Whew! I am so close to being ready to pack the prospective boxes up and go to the post office. Ugh.

Next year I’m going to pre-make bows and have my greeting cards ready ahead of time. Yea. Yea. Maybe. I sure hope so anyway. Because you see, as I was wrapping gifts I realized what a wonderful blog post/s it would be to help people with their own gifting organization. And I knew then and there the procrastination had bitten me in the hinney and the blog post/s will have to wait until next year, because you see it is only four days till Christmas!  ACK! I don’t even have the tree down from the attic but it’s gonna happen You betcha!

On the great news front; I purchased naught from outside the USA. Yes that’s right everything I bought this year for the holidays was made in the USA. Much of it locally created or made by my own two hands.

Wish I had photos but not today. Gotta run to the post office before they close!

Merry Christmas and happy all other winter holidays to you!!


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One Response to ACK! It’s Almost Christmas!

  1. Eunice 'eb' says:

    I really love reading what you write…thanks a lot…
    We leave early in the morning for Utah with the flat bed trailer, loaded of course, we will spend a night at home then return empty and go back to Az, spend Christmas with Pam and the girls, then leave the next day or so to take the Rv back home to Utah. If the snow holds out…

    Then I will sleep in as long as I want and do nothing for a whole day….yeaaaaaLove you, and your top banner is so professional looking…

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