Pre-holiday meal #2

The French toast made with cranberry walnut bread was pre-holiday meal #1. Tonight I will move right on to meal number 2 with Spanakopita, a Greek spinach pie. I’ve spoken of this before, even made it for Mom and Dad in October when I was in Utah. I didn’t take any photos then and hope to get some great pics tomorrow.

It will be a party like setting with friends and we’ll eat drink and make merry till we bust a gut. Or something like that.

I first had Spanakopita several years ago while in Greece with my sister. I haven’t been able to get enough of it since then. I did make the mistake of adding too many eggs once and it was too eggy instead of custard-like.

I imagine there will be some humus or pesto tomorrow night along with a little wine, but not Retsina as I doubt that is available here. Maybe a crock of roasted vegetables. Yea.

If you are looking for a holiday recipe try my Moms Mincemeat Bars. A tradition in her kitchen, way yummy, moist and chewy and they hold well.

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