Frozen Water on Christmas Eve; Bah, Hum, Bug!!

I slept in this morning. It’s Christmas Eve and one should if they haven’t a turkey to roast.  It’s not that I don’t have a turkey (as in can’t get one), but I’m not doing any turkey roasting this year. There was the pre-holiday Spanakopita meal, (photos to follow soon, even though they weren’t nearly as spectacular as I would have liked), and there will be the Christmas Day Lasagne meal at my sons in-laws, and the post holiday meal with my son and his long time girlfriend, of either waffles or that cranberry walnut bread French toast. Of course ham, orange juice and a fruit salad either way. Then there is the holiday feasts I have been invited to; my dear friends in WP, my sons father, and the cousins. Way too many holiday meals for this hermit.

I did my usual morning bathroom rituals sans showering because I want to do a bit of house cleaning before I get completely cleaned up. I vacuumed then decided to put a load of laundry on to hang out soon since it’s so bright. There’s no water! Crud! It’s not that cold right now but it was terribly frosty on the ground this morning so it must have been a pretty hard freeze. The temp is up to about 29 F and it should thaw out anytime. Soon. Hopefully. HELP Bro!

NOW that there isn’t any water I am wanting that shower real bad. Figures. So you all find me here this morning pounding out a quick blog post in my house cleaning pj’s.

Christmas Eve plan, clean the house, put up the still in the attic tree, wrap the last of the last gifts, make something delicious from the stunning French breakfast turnips I bought straight from the ground yesterday afternoon.

I had turnips the other night for the first time in many years and did not care for them. Nope. So I bought some from my local grower at Crossroads Garden who pulled handfulls of pure white beauties – large marble to golf ball size-  and placed them in a sack for me. Along with the turnips I bought an equal amount of lovely bright red radishes and a huge bag of leaf lettuce. There’s nothing quite like eating food only just pulled from the earth moments or hours ago.

I’ll have more to say about this later. Happy Christmas Eve!


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