AppleWorks, Cyber Quilt

Having some fun with AppleWorks. An old app from Mac, I still enjoy it's abilities to make me smile at creations.

I have this fantasy of scanning the many (hundreds? thousands?) of vintage and near vintage fabrics I possess. Then I will use them as paint and drop these bits of wildness  into patterns I have created with AppleWorks to create wild and wacky and beautiful Cyber Quilts. Someone please steal this idea as I am not sure it will ever happen for me. So many ideas and so few hours in a day.

This little piece of work was created using AppleWorks, a rather old and ofttimes considered outdated app from Mac. I like AppleWorks. It’s versatile, bright and offers what I need to have fun with art. I often save several versions of what I’m working on then morph them, or do what I call slash and move.

Once a piece is complete it can be saved as a jpg, viewed in Preview and tweaked some more, just like a photo. I can drop the work in my iPhoto and use the tools there to adjust  exposure, highlights, contrast, shadows, saturation, tint, temp, sharpness and apply effects such as sepia or vignette and matt. Way FUN!


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4 Responses to AppleWorks, Cyber Quilt

  1. Sara Sushila Avery says:

    Oh this is so lovely. I hope somebody does pick up your idea because it’s excellent.

  2. Moonmooring says:

    Thank you Sara. I envision miniature quilts, used as screen savers or framed as art for people living in small places. Or whatever!


  3. eb - mom says:

    Wow..mind boggling…ery nice..too much for me to conempl;ate…Love You…mom

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