Random Thoughts

I just ate my last stick of King Leo Stick Candy. It took me just over 14 months. I love the stuff and have rationed it out. King Leo uses sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (from now on it will be known as HFC’s) in the can of stick candy I received for Christmas of 2010. I really want to take a photo of the cute can and post it here, but this leads us to the next random thought…

I am photo poor! Actually photo postability poor. I have plenty of photos; over one thousand on my phone alone and over eleven thousand on my computer (at home!). The problem is this; I have misplaced my card reader and since I am a Macaholic I have to have that card reader to get the pics from the cameral to the computer. I could take a photo on my phone, email it to myself, drag it to iPhoto, etc. and use it except my phone has developed some silly glitch this afternoon and won’t open my email or send emails from my photos. Also, the phone, a Verizon Samsung is not compatible with my beloved Mac so I can’t load the pics directly. Major whine!

Tomorrow I must go to Verizon store and figure out what happened to the phone/email and to Walgreens and get another card reader for the camera.

Moving on.

Mosa's 2012 calendar. I love mine, it's beautiful.

I have a friend, Mosa. It used to be Mimi but now it’s Mosa. It happens. Anyway she has a new e-store and it has her albums and other things she does for sale. Please check it out. I love her music! And I own a couple of her cool hats! Thanks Mosa! Visit Mosa’s store here.

I’ve lived in Arkansas the last 28 years and have been visiting West Plains pretty regular for the last 14 or 15 years. I have just begun to discover all the marvelous organic gardens around this part of the Ozarks! Just a couple months ago I learned of an organic garden only about 6 miles from Moonmooring! Crossroads Gardens is near Pineville and has two huge greenhouses and a mass of regular fields, orchards and chickens! I was buying baby turnips, lettuces and the biggest prettiest beautiful radishes from them all through November. They now have brassica plants for sale and I plan on getting a dozen or so broccoli plants from them.

I ran across this blog, Show Me Oz, the other day and immediately subscribed to it. Check it out if you are interested in gardening, good eating or the Ozarks.

I won’t be gardening at Moonmooring this year. Instead I’ll be helping Marideth with her garden. She may already be sick of my suggestions. I planted snow peas and shell peas over two weeks ago after having soaked them. They just came up a couple days ago. I had almost given up! Onions planted the same day have shown no signs of life. I may replant. We also put in a 9 pack of Brussell sprouts, a nine pack of collards, some lettuce plants and kale. Ready to go in the next spot are some garlic chives, lemon balm, beets, and the broccoli as soon as I pick it up. There is a volunteer garlic bed at Moonmooring I will harvest from, and the rhubarb if it survived the deluge of sand from a big rain, and the same with the strawberry bed.

Yesterday’s seed swap and pot luck at the Yellow House was a huge success. There were at least 30 people there and all kinds of seeds and plants. I acquired a mass of beet starts, a dozen eggs, garlic chives, turnip and parsnip seed, several kinds of flower seed and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember right now! Major score. Pat Hight gave a worm demo, showing her prize winning garden worm operation and giving away small buckets of the sweet stuff.

Quite a lot of random thoughts after a long day cleaning house, cooking and working in the garden. Until later,

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