Ozark Garden

The peas are up!

They've been up over a week and are now several inches high. Snow peas are probably my favorite early spring food. Salads, stir fry's, steamed, it's hard to go wrong with them!

Several collard plants overwintered in Marideth's garden and are ready to start eating!

Toiling away in her garden, Mar hauls items to build new garden beds and creates places for climbing plants.

And just for fun!

The setting moon just at dawn on Saturday morning.

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One Response to Ozark Garden

  1. eb - mom says:

    Wonderful….we finally bought some onion and garlic stes, even som elephant garlic. I got some flowering bulbs to plant also. Can’t get them into the ground till we get back from the follow up Dr apt in Murray Thursday. One of the 8 bulbs has already sprouted, so I have to hurry. It said I could plant them after March 15. I will probably cover them for a short time tho.

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