Zombie Weekend

It’s a zombie kind of weekend visiting my friend Stuart in Kansas City. Being such a country girl any visit to any big city is an adventure. The biggest thing for me was visiting the City Market downtown. The smells were heavenly especially in the section of herbs, spices, nuts and teas.

In the foreground, teas teas and more teas. Then large bins of spices to tease your nose.

Another vendor with MORE spices and herbs. Restraint was not in my vocabulary this day.

One of the many performers sprinkled about the City Market.

After shopping the fresh produce vendors, baed goods and plants we made some purchases in the Mediterranean shop (blistered flat bread, garbanzos, baklava and Macadamias). Then off to lunch at Taj Mahal. One of the best Indian meals I have ever had. I didn’t care for the goat, it was too tough but the flavor was nice. The Saag was creamy and flavorful. I also had the Dal Makhani and the Chana Dal. Both were a delight. I tried two kinds of chicken and one was HOT! It was my favorite but couldn’t keep the names aprt in my brain. Too many choices. Do try the place when you can.

Later last night Stuart’s friend came over for the evening and we had some great fresh pesto with whole wheat pasta and grilled chicken. The backyard fire pit was a nice touch to end the evening.

Thanks Stu for being such a buddy!


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