Let it be known that Moonmooring shall from this day forward be known for renewing the use of the word poque (poke). “Huh?” you might say. Allow me to explain.

I love the word poque in it’s extinct version, meaning a sack or bag. One deceased spelling is poque and that is the form I will use from now on. You will notice me using this word as often as possible on this blog and in person in everyday conversation.

Some examples to get you all started!

Remember to take your poque when you shop.
Reusable shopping bags are now referred to as a poque.

I filled my poque with picnic lunch items, bread, cheese, mint tea, a sharp knife and a slice of rhubarb pie.
My small cooler is now referred to a a poque as it often carries many miscellaneous      items.

I stopped at a flea market yesterday to look at a large display of poques as I need a new one for my gym clothes.
Small to medium cloth bags designed to carry any number of items are now a poque.

What kind of poque do you carry and what do you carry in it?

I would like an actual burlap bag. Maybe something sophisticated with satin lining and a long shoulder strap. Maybe an old potato sack… err.. I mean poque.

Disclaimer: I did pull these two images from the internet. THANK YOU to the provider.

April 2012, Friday the thirteenth, Moonmooring began interjecting a new old word back into the English language.

Put that in your poque and carry it down the street.

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