Rain Day?

We haven’t had but a drop of misty rain in over a week, maybe close to two. We may or may not get any rain today – it’s all heading north faster than east – so skirting right by. We need rain, the ground is parched. I’ve been keeping the garden watered. There are peas putting on, lettuce, broccoli plants a foot tall, cabbages forming, and beans about 4 inches high. The herbs are ecstatic and growing like weeds. Wait a minute, some of them are really weeds. There has been enough mint to make iced tea once. It’s new mint so just getting on.
Sooo… no hail thank you very much but some rain would be lovely.
I am spending the day indoors doing household tasks which have really been stacking up.
Check out more photos of Marideth’s garden here.

The upcycled swingset will house pole beans and tomato plants. It still has a bit of work to be done.

Two rows of Provider beans planted about three weeks ago. They have survived 2 light frosts with a good covering of straw. Early beans with any luck at all!!

I have to admit, this is not today's cloud cover. It is wishful thinking for rain.

Happy gardening to ya”all!


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