Stax Records

A very cool trip to Memphis this weekend led me along with friends Marideth Sisco and Jonathan Scheuer to Stax Records Museum.  Stax Museum is beautifully laid out, well lit and contains so much information about the early days of R&B. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Stax Music Academy

On the street, 926 E. McLemore Ave., in front of Stax.

Roots of Soul

Studio A at Stax

Marideth Sisco reflected in the glass while observing the sound board for Studio A.

The sound board of Studio A.

Time for chillin" in between sets.

"Safety's", the second original copy in case something happened to the original original.

One of many walls of LP's recorded at Stax.

Stax didn't limit itself to black musicians.

Levon Williams, our tour guild and Curator of Collections/Registrar at Stax.

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4 Responses to Stax Records

  1. eb says:

    Very impressive…

  2. Used to live in Memphis on Riverside Drive in a converted warehouse. It was right around this area. Your pictures made me reminisce. Enjoyed.

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