I have an idea. I hope someone runs with it. I don’t seem to have the time to run with it myself.

“AAaarggg”, says the dinosaur.

I’ve been scanning things, things one wouldn’t normally scan. Old gift wrap, vintage fabric, tea towels ready for the rubbish, even rugs. It’s my understanding there are computer programs available that create digital quilt samples, so quilters can try designs and fabrics before committing to the sewing process. So my idea is to create these digital quilts and commit them to paper as small wall art. So, with that mindset I have begun scanning anything that might be thrown away. Heck, even a crumpled paper bag is fair game for a project like this. There is no limit to the items that might create an interesting  cyber melange.

The above picture is a can of an old piece of gift wrap from Current. They make some adorable paper and cards.

A crazy quilt potholder I created several years ago. One can edit bits and pieces from anything to get exactly what they need or want.

A bit from the above potholder. If you scan and save with a high resolution you’ll be able to pull a lot of small detail out.

If you run with this idea please let me know where it takes you.

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