Back to the Cushaws

This is Eustice. She had a broken neck so we put her up first.

Here is the list of names and weights (in pounds) from the recent Cushaw Squash harvest at Coot’s Edge.

Eustice, 29.7; chopped, cooked, shared, frozen and over half gone now

George, 34.4; thanks to Jeanie F. for the name suggestion!

Arabesque, 24.5

Amadeus, 27.9

Gaia, 8.7; a dainty little thing

Louisa, 25.4; donated to the Concert By The River Yellow House Fundraiser, she went on the silent auction table. I will update this when I find out how much she went for

Ezekial, 24.2

Chloe, 10.3; another la pettite Cushaw

Festus, 20.7

Winifred, 16.1

Zenobia, 50; the grande Dame of Coot’s Edge Cushaw

We were going to pull up the vines after harvest but discovered several five + pound squashes forming so have left everything in place. There seems to be a flush of additional small ones coming on. With any luck (or dis-luck, whatever your point of view might be) there will be more squash to pick. Surely none so big as the aforementioned though!

Update: Marideth and I both counted 12 squash. Hard to miscount that quantity and that size so I feel confident our count is correct. BUT, and here is the kicker, we can only account for eleven. There are eleven names on the list and we can’t figure if one has run off, is hiding in a closet somewhere or we adopted the runt and just plain ole forgot about him. It’s a puzzle. If you know the whereabouts of an estranged Cushaw please let us know so we can quit worrying. Hopefully it is in good hands.

The Cushaw flesh is smooth and almost creamy in texture. It cooked in about 20 minutes after it was chunked up. This 29 pound squash make approximately 30 cups of pulp.

Cap and seeds. Not much waste here. The seeds measured about 3/4 cup after cleaning and roasted nicely.

Steamed and ready to peel.

Delicious with a pat of butter!

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One Response to Back to the Cushaws

  1. eb says:

    very nice…that is a lot of stuff to deal with…I have gone crazy with my little garden here. Hey…we found that my homemade and canned pizza sauce on spagetti squash…it was great…see you soon..

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