Raku Firing

A Raku firing this past weekend at the home of friends Pat Hight and Lois Reborn.

The near finished product

Peering into the top air hole of the kiln

Small propane fired kilns hold one to four or five pieces of pottery.

Stirring the glazes

Raku pottery freshly dipped in a copper glaze.

A sea of greenware created by Susan Minyard of Sweetwater Pottery

Dozens of Goddess figures ready for glaze

Hand thrown by Susan Minyard

Loading a kiln

Insulating mesh provides the outer part of the kiln

Unloading the kiln, red hot glaze melts

Fired pots heading to the burn chamber

The burn chamber, leaves, pine needles or other combustibles create part of the intricate surprising patterns on Raku

A metal trash can filled with combustibles is quickly placed on top to create a seal

The bottom container has water and the top can creates the airtight seal. The fire extinguishes and the smoke creates patterns

The still warm pieces are submerged into water for a final cooling

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