A visit with Ralph a few days ago found him out galavanting around with his son and some other family members. The sunny day brought him out of the long term care facility and to the bluffs overlooking the White River near Calico Rock.

Looking south by southeast over the White below Calico Rock.

It’s a fairly lonely lookout and Ralph wasn’t expecting visitors. I crunched my way over some gravel and across the glade rock to where he sat near the edge. I had to admit I had tracked him down and that it wasn’t a chance meeting. He was tickled.

Left of center and just at the horizon you can see the water tower at Calico. Beautiful day for an outing especially if you’re looking at much of the rest of your time being indoors.

Craning around to the south and hunkered down next to the ground this shot gets a decent view of the bluffs at this place.

I don’t pretend to know Ralph as well as most, barely at all even. But we always had a camaraderie of sorts. Partners in crime sorta thing. I fed him a huge breakfast once years ago in exchange for feeding my dogs while I was away. I still owe him one meal. I best take some brownies, or a sip of something, or maybe just plant a hug on him before he leaves us all.

MANY years ago at a party at my house.

Several years ago at For Mother Earth in Norfork, currently known as Terrapin Trading Post. Ralph could be a natty dresser.

Crap photo but I was always fond of this moment. Dan the Man and Ralph plotting against the world. I believe this was at one of my birthday parties.

Ralph decided to step into the world of Facebook and we got him up and running but he didn’t have a photo to share so we did a photo shoot and it was totally bugger. He isn’t the kind to stand still for more than a second and just always in motion. He was also very determined to tell ME where he was going to stand – completely disregarding the light. This was as good as it got that day!

Tomorrow evening a mess of us will get together, build a fire, drum up some energy, do a mock send off and celebrate the marvelous life this man has led. I hope he can hold up for all that.

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One Response to Ralph

  1. Jayne says:

    This is so beautiful and touching, Tears flow and candle lit…..Thank you for sharing such spiritual moments.

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