Best Christmas Memory

My partner at the time Michael died just before Christmas. It was a solemn Christmas. This is my son Adrian and myself in front of the dead Christmas tree. Wrong decor that year! Look for that story later.

Me and my son, Adrian, the year my partner Michael died. Story later.

Best Christmas Memory: I was 16 y/o (1973 or 72?) and had purchased my first car, a mud brown 67 Rambler. Talk about a tank! This car had less than 10,000 miles on it and one previous owner. Yes, it was a little old lady who had diligently kept it in a garage and seldom drove it. It took every dollar of cash I had saved from my $1.65 per hour job to buy the car and had to borrow money from Dad to license it and get insurance. The tires were nearly bald.

We were financially strict people but Christmas was always filled with gifts and goodies no matter how poor we were. That year I asked for new tires for my car. Mom and Dad poo-pood the idea saying it was way out of budget. So I solemnly pressed them, and bargained for two tires and I would save for two more AND if I could get tires for Christmas I expected absolutely nothing else under the tree for myself. They were not receptive to the idea.

Christmas morning I had no expectations. You can imagine my surprise when I, the last person to get up that morning, expecting the usual socks and such saw two new tires leaning against the wall with a big red bow on them. I started crying and hugging them. My dad is a jovial kid-like man who learned to love Christmas (but that is another story) late in life. He was laughing and carrying on and ran into their bedroom and wheeled out two more tires! I really broke down then.

There was one other present for me that year but I don’t remember what it was. Mom and Dad said they didn’t want me to not have something to open.

That is my absolute best Christmas memory. I don’t really enjoy all the hubbub of the holidays any more. Too much commercialism, too many unfullfilled expectations, so much work, too many unhappy memories for too many people.

Holidays are part of what makes a culture rich and fills a need for connection. If you find the Holidays difficult, trying and just plain horrifying because of less than pleasant history, create your own rituals whatever they may be and own them. I have spent many years enjoying the solitude of Christmas and Thanksgiving alone with myself for company and contemplation about my life and the beauty within it – finding the peace within myself and the reason for the season.


My Grandmother used to make these for her tree and I have several of them still.

I was only allowed to drive that car to and from my job and occasionally to school because after all, nice girls shouldn’t have that kind of freedom. I’m still a nice girl. Woman.

What is your best Christmas memory?

signature, Sarah

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4 Responses to Best Christmas Memory

  1. eb says:

    I never saw tht pic of you and Adrian before…It sure is a nice picture of you both….That was a nice story of the tires you got for Christmas…..A wonderful memory… So glad you still have Moms decorations…Love you…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful memory.

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