Dauphin Island – “Here I Come”

The Here I Come vacation

I first started visiting Dauphin Island about twenty years ago. Not much has changed in this span of time, unless you count the countless homes positioned on the west end that have been washed out to sea or the ever changing dune and coastline. Few, if any new businesses dot Bienville Boulevard. The Ship and Shore general store and gas station still stand after many hurricanes, the water tower, all the homes on the east end protected by the small forest and Fort Gaines. Standing, all still standing the test of time so far.

Google Map, Dauphin Island

The most tourista place to visit is the Estuarium at the Sea Lab. That along with the 164 acre Audobon Bird Sanctuary, the Indian Shell Mound Park, and historic Fort Gaines are plenty to keep the slow moving southern vacationer busy enough. There are the miles and miles of pristine beaches to consider.

These are photos I took on my last couple trips. I’ve taken thousands of photographs on my excursions to Dauphin and this coming week plan to take at least that many more, meditate, Yoga, journal, eat all the shrimp I can hold, walk in the sand, visit the mounds and buy something cool only found in coastal hardware stores – I will visit Ship and Shore for it and my daily bread.

So look for daily updates here and on my Facebook page.

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Island time takes over shortly! See you there.


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