Koyotee Laughing, a new poetry blog

Ain’t friends something. I have a friend I’ve never met. You know in the cyber world we can all say that. Some of those friendships are better left alone but once in a while you make a cyber friend that sticks. This one has sticker potential.

So long story short, check out Michael V. Johnson at Koyotees Laughing for some great heart wrenching poetry. Be warned – Michael’s work is not for the faint of heart. It will speak to you in a guttural way. It will remind you of someone you hate and that person  might be yourself. It will rip you a brand new orifice and spit you out. You might feel as if you were left in a heap of gravel after a bad love affair. That’s his point.

Thank you Michael V. for being receptive to my ideations about your work and doing the follow through. I think you may be onto something. And thank you very much for the effusive letter of gratitude. You da’ bomb man.

“I’m a man with scars. I seen some shit. I did most of it.” MVJ


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One Response to Koyotee Laughing, a new poetry blog

  1. Haha. I appreciate the plug. Thanks friend. lol

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