Testy, because the internet is givng me hell.

Eureka!! I have found a wAy in! Please forgive typos, this will be excruciating. Been on Dauphin nearly 48 hours, taken about 150 photos mostly at the mounds, and a few beach shots. Unfortunately I can’t get them from the camera to the phone and the internet isn’t cooperating with my computer. Whine with that plate of sarcasm?

Vacation drivel, it’s lovely, quiet, restful and balmy. Crap blog post huh. I should have learned how to do this before leaving home – who would’a thunk.

Many blog topics have come to mind incuding my fav so far; A Horizontal Observation, thoughts on sunset/sunrise. Over photgraphed, easy to accomplish well, enjoyed by all, mundane beyond mind numbing monotony there is still universal appeal. Perhaps an afirmation of our daily struggles and a reason to continue moving along whaever path we have chosen. AKA, my god I can go on another day in spite of it all.

You may have noticed my change of mood from normal posts. This tiny screen is ringing something out in me I didn’t know existed. To that I say adieu, and continue on my quest for real internet service.


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2 Responses to Testy, because the internet is givng me hell.

  1. S says:

    Long story short,unable to “make” the internet and my computer get along. Finally figured out how to post via my phone but something is keeping me from the keyboard screen on the post page. Weird beyond imagination. I am feeing a bit like a chapter in a Prtchett novel. Even my abacus is sluggish. Besides some R and R photo-blogging was and still is my main goal while here this week.

    Any input will be appreciated.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m the dumbest one and have never done that stuff before…Keep at it…good luck…Love ya…Mom

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