This Could Be A Blog Post

I had a great blog post working out in my head all afternoon. Even took some photos to go with it. Sat down to write and haven’t been able to get a single word out. Bleh. It is so seldom this happens. In lieu of misplaced blog post I give you a photo instead. A new hat I bought while on vacation AND Marideth’s idea of a birthday present…a new dust bin. Uh huh… This from the boss lady who bonus’es me with cheese. Just sayin’.

 Nothing says Happy Birthday like a new dust bin.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a new dust bin.

We’ve been expecting snow for a couple days. Ice even. That big storm sweeping across the nation. I have a long time friend in Phoenix who just Facebooked me to say it is snowing there. Snow in Phoenix…how unique is that. I know it has been snowing in Tuscon all evening from posts by friends there. Maybe this is the last big hurah for this winter and spring will arrive with a casual flip of her hair. Birds have been chirping outside my bedroom window in a very springlike fashion for several days. A few hardy gardeners have taken a risky plunge and planted – cool weather crops of course but even still, it is early. I have no doubt that tomorrows storm will be but a fart in the breeze compared to ’09. Hope everyones got plenty of TP, chocolate and liquor.

Now seems like an appropriate time to bring up my annual topic of “peas”. I believe I have blogged about planting peas more than anything else. I love peas – planting them, harvesting them, eating them. Few things can compare to eating fresh snow peas right from the vine. Unless of course you want to talk about basil.

The row of basil as it looks now. It's been harvested three times and has at least once more maybe two or three more harvests in it. I will dry the next harvest.

2009, a row of basil in my garden, already harvested three times it will continue to branch and produce new leaves until frost.

Basil. My all time favorite garden crop. One year there were a hundred basil plants in my garden. I grew Genovese, lettuce leaf, Thai and lemon basil.

The Genovese because it is one of the best all around basils for drying and making pesto. I made dozens and dozens of jars of pesto and delighted many friends with gifts, lunches and snacks of the stuff. It freezes really well. Check out this post for my recipe and pointers.

There were maybe a half dozen lettuce leaf basil plants that year also. They make great spring roll wrappers and other Asian delights. Not a very confident flavor but just enough to season the contents of the wrap.

Thai basil…now that is a delight. Pungent with a hint of licorice, slow to bolt, drought hardy and what an exotic pesto it made.

Last but not least there was the lemon basil. These make a lovely decorative globe shaped plant covered with tiny leaves too small to pick from the stem. If you make pesto from lemon basil just remove the largest of the stems and process the whole thing. This too is an unusual pesto that is well suited to the addition of black pepper. In fact it screams for it, so add the pepper right away and enjoy.

I did manage to get a blog post out of myself after all.

signature, Sarah

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