Ramblings On a Sunday Morning

This morning finds me with an ever so small hangover – not something I am accustomed to. Last evening friend Constance and I went to the local nightclub (my first time there) to listen to Scott Shipley. I’m starting to get a feel for his music and how to photograph him.

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I carefully paced my consumption of adult beverages and downed a bottle of water between each one. Upon leaving the fine establishment I failed to put on my seatbelt. There was a roadblock at the end of the main exit so we ever so smartly went the other way. I got all the way to the railroad tracks before the little red lights appeared in my rear view mirror. Okay then.

Long story short, the breathalyzer came up way far in the good to go zone. Since it was raining lightly officer John asked me to have a seat in the patrol car. The last time I visited a patrol car I was in highschool, but we won’t go there. We discussed what work I do -hey Mar! – what I had been up to tonight and the fact that my Mom is a retired cop – hey Mom!

I was way too calm. I was so calm it scared me. The reason for stopping me was a burned out light bulb for the license plate. That and the Arkansas plates set suspicion spinning. So we finished our conversation after the breathalyzer and running a check on me and I returned to my truck. Constance and I returned to the adventure of hitting a Wal Mart at 2 am for frozen pizza.

I could have easily spent a night in jail which is what was so calmly running through my head over and over. Thank goodness I was not inebriated and I had proof of insurance in the truck. Thank goodness he didn’t notice the missing seatbelt, my tags were expired (since November I might add – you know once I was stopped because they were expired for over a year and the sticker was right there in the glove box! How do these things happen?), and the windshield is cracked – a big no no in Missouri.

All of this is a god thing. I was riding a lucky star last night. And I learned several important things. I think you can read into all of them. I didn’t even have to bat my eyelashes.

On another note I woke this morning to see these guys out in the field. Usually it’s deer but these are some big ‘ole turkeys!

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3 Responses to Ramblings On a Sunday Morning

  1. S says:

    AND of course I missed a typo – in this instance it will remain in place. Adieu peeps.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK….Hmmmm, Im disapointed, but will get over it…I’m actually speachless at the moment…
      Well,you didn’t mention how many tickets you got…..Before you do any more partying, purchasing anything (except food) get your registration updated,
      DO Not get in your vehicle if you have even had one drink…
      Not for anyone or anything, Its just not worth it…
      What if you had been in an accident and someone died or was maimed…Hmmm
      Drinking and driving do not mix…not at all…
      Sorry to be so hard on you, BUT I LOVE YOU…enough said…
      While I was reading I got so scared for you…I Love YOu……Mom

      • S says:

        Ohhh Mom. It had been hours since I had anything to drink. I was well under the limit he said. I did not get any tickets. I learned several good lessons and that was my whole point – I learned lessons! I love you so much! Thanks for being my Mom.

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