…the most spectacular thing YOU have taught me was about the “Venn diagram”. Thank you for that. I’ve used it in some amazing ways…

A new friend, relatively speaking has taught me several things many of which I am still digesting. But this Venn diagram thing is amazing to me. I learned about it in a High School math class and thought it was pretty spiffy. Then some conversation which I don’t even remember brought it to the front of my brain and it was like a huge light bulb turning on. Venn diagrams can be applied to absolutely anything. Anything.

Most recently I used it to help a friend understand why some of her friends had a reason to be exclusionary about her. It wasn’t about her being excluded, it was about them being exclusive with each other to practice what was necessary for their well being. Through the use of the Venn it became clear why and how it was so.

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Yes I have ripped these from the internet. Forgive me.

signature, Sarah


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