This Brucha photo was sent to me quite some time ago. I was waiting for permission to print the owners name and info on how he came to own this piece but it has never arrived. Enjoy.

addendum: This painting is owned by Allen Tedrow of Moscow, Idaho. Allen asked me to list his phone number here because he is currently seeking a new home for this painting. This painting is approximately 7 X 10 inches in size. That number is 208-301-0609. You too could own a marvelous Brucha to start or add to a collection.

This from Allen, “Not much to tell.  I picked it up in a second hand store in Pocatello, Idaho back in the mid  90’s. I probably bought a few other paintings (not Bruchas) there at the time, mostly of a southwest theme.  Notable among these were a series of rather eerrie ghost town renderings by an artist named Crawley who I’ve never been able to get any info on…”

brucha, Allen Tedrow

signature, SarahView more of my Brucha collection.

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7 Responses to Brucha

  1. eb says:

    Hmmm..different for a Brucha…I don’t see Bruchas signature tho. I ad one without a signature once but got him to sign it.., the back ground picture sure looks like a Brucha tho…

    • S says:

      Mom, George’s signature is visible midway up on the left in the rays of the sun in a yellow area. I see a lot of Brucha’s signature work here…the sun rays sectioned out and look at the woman’s hands. You can barely tell they are hands. He didn’t draw hands well, ever. And they are often misplaced.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have an original Brucha landscape painting that I bought from him in the 1980’s when he was living in a shack by a spring near “Nothing” Arizona. I seem to recall at the time that he was having eyesight problems. The painting reminds me somewhat of paintings by the American Impressionist painter Albert P. Ryder.

    Jim Vaaler

    • S says:

      Jim, it is always a pleasure to hear from folks who know of George and/or own his art. Yes he lived in Nothing, AZ in a line shack and yes his eyesight was failing him. He died a few years ago from complications of pneumonia as best I understand. My parents were friends with him. I visited the line shack a couple times, it was quite a ride out there! Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. Keith Brucha says:

    I am Georges second son,one of six siblings,if anyone is truly interested in his work,we the family own and possess the contents left after his passing,some are missing,due to ill gotten gains,but be assured,we own all that was not legally gained also,and are willing to share with people who truly respect and love his work,if you have any questions or doubts feel free to contact me

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