Ramblings on a Wintery May Day

Tuesday it was hot and muggy – somewhere in the 80’s and the kind of day the air conditioner would have felt good. But we in the Ozarks hesitate turning on the AC for a few misplaced hot days early in the spring. Just three days later, today, Friday May the third 2013 we are expecting snow. I have been told it hasn’t snowed in about one hundred and ten years, here, on May the third. If it does snow we will be making some records sweat, or shiver. One of the two anyway. I hesitate to build a fire in the wood furnace for a few misplaced wintery days this late in spring. You see the dilemma I’m sure.

Many things have bloomed and gone on by this time in spring and many are still in bloom. The lilacs for instance are in full bloom and prettier than I have seen in many years. The fresh scent of lilac blossoms fills the air around the yard and indeed inside the house as I went out late yesterday and cut all that I could fill vases with in order to preserve them. Even if only for a few days.

Lilacs, hyacinth, narcissus – my favorite scented flowers of early spring have all come and will surely be gone by the time this cold front is done having it’s way with us. Mother Nature sure knows how to throw a party! And I just ready to dust off the BBQ grill.

At this very moments – as I type – it is snowing in northern Arkansas for the first time in recorded history on May 3. There are numerous reports of traffic accidents in Springfield, MO and the Rogers, AR area due to slippery roads from ice and snow. And in Lowry, MO right now there is four inches of snow fallen since last night and it’s still coming down. Stuart Knipmeyer (my dear friend in Kansas City) you best git yer hinny to Florida fast as you can buddy!

I’d like to think I’m going to Calico Rock and Mountain Home and maybe even Mountain View, Arkansas today and this evening but second thoughts are crowding their way around my head. Live music on the Mountain View square and still un-met friends pickin’ their hearts out in jam sessions across the city do not sound inviting in this frigid May  weather. Time to construct Plan B? Maybe.

I just changed my header to a much more spring-like photo this morning from the very early barely greening forest out yonder. Before that header was the snowy mound that I love so much and felt guilty about leaving up for so long. Umm hmm… Just in! two inches of snow on grassy areas in the Rogers, Arkansas area.

You can bet that as soon as it starts snowing here, near Willow Springs, I will catch a few photos and post them right along with this blog post. Ya’all stay warm and safe on this wintery May day.

signature, Sarah



Earth Day, West Plains, MO last month.

Earth Day, West Plains, MO last month.

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